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Choose A Medicare Advantage Plan

Choose A Medicare Advantage Plan

Is a Medicare Advantage plan right for your lifestyle, health, and budget? There are 4 things all Medicare Advantage plans have in common but cover differently.

  • What doctors are part of the plan.
  • What drugs are on the formulary.
  • What is the Maximum Out Of Pocket (MOOP)
  • How much will it cost me to use my plan.

Here are some things you can do to evaluate your Medicare Advantage options.

  • Create a list of the medical services you used in the last few years and what you expect to need in the upcoming year.
  • Create a list of your out-of-pocket medical expenses and list them by expense type (premium, deductible, copay, and coinsurance) and service type (doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, etc.).
  • Review a list of the Medicare Advantage plans available in your area.
  • Compare the features of the available Medicare Advantage plans to find the plans that offer the type of coverage you use the most. Our website makes that easy.
  • How satisfied are you with your current Medicare choice? What parts are you the least satisfied with? What features would be a better fit?
  • Identify your priorities for your expected medical expenses for the next year.
  • Take one situation from your recent medical history and see what it would cost you next year with original Medicare and several Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Look at the full ranges of costs with each Medicare Advantage option, not just the premium costs.
  • Compare the estimated out-of-pocket expenses with a potential Medicare Advantage plan against the out-of-pocket expenses for the same scenario with your current Medicare option.
  • Make a list of your care providers and see if they are in the network of each Medicare Advantage plan you are considering.
  • Make a list of your prescription drugs and how frequently you refill your prescriptions. Compare the costs from several different Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans.

This is where an experienced agent can help you the most. They have the knowledge to help you choose a plan that fits your needs and protects your pocketbook against a catastrophic loss.

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